5 web design tips for financial services

Financial services companies have heavy competition. As a result, it’s essential to research and consider the various web design tactics at your disposal.

At Azuro Digital, we provide cutting-edge web design services for financial companies. Over the years, we’ve accumulated tons of web design tips for financial services websites.

Here are some of our top tips:

1. Create an interactive calculator function

While this isn’t applicable to every financial company, we find that most financial companies can display some sort of interactive calculator function on their website to make it easy for users to understand the process of working with your company or to see the return on investment that they could achieve.

Here are some examples:

1. Financial planners and investors: allow the user to enter their investable funds and holding period, which is then applied to your average return and compounded to show their expected return on investment after a certain time period.

2. Accountants and tax minimization experts: allow the user to enter their current taxable income and apply that to the average percentage that you save on taxes for your clients.

3. Mortgage brokers: allow the user to enter their mortgage size and show the different mortgage rates to generate an estimate for their expected mortgage schedule and payments.

These calculators only serve as rough estimates, but they instill a sense of confidence and excitement in the user. They’re more likely to see your company as an expert in the field and an established organization in the industry, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

2. Use clear and enticing calls-to-action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are at the core of conversion rate optimization - the process of maximizing the percentage of users who take action.

CTAs are usually buttons that lead to conversion events, such as contact forms to get in touch with your financial services company.

The choice of placement, styling, and messaging for your calls-to-action are critical.

Here are 5 tips for your CTAs:

1. Make them stand out by using a prominent color and sufficient font size.

2. Don’t use too many different CTAs. Focus the visitor’s attention on 1 or 2 primary CTAs.

3. Include a CTA in many sections throughout the website to keep it top-of-mind.

4. Keep a CTA in the header and keep the header “fixed” as the user scrolls down the page, so that a CTA is always in sight.

5. Avoid generic CTAs if possible. For example, instead of using “contact us” or “get in touch”, you’ll get more clicks and conversions by using specific and enticing CTAs like “get a quote” or “free consultation”.

3. Display social proof such as testimonials, stats, certification logos, etc

As a financial services company, your potential clients have tons of other options to choose from. The financial space is filled with intense competition. In order to compete, your company must appear highly credible and trusted.

The best way to enhance your image of credibility is to leverage social proof, which comes in many forms: such as testimonials, case studies, stats, logos of awards/certifications, etc.

Be sure to use as many forms of social proof as possible, and display them prominently in many different sections on your website. It’s especially important to display social proof near the top of your homepage in order to create a positive first impression, as users have short attention spans and might quickly leave your website if there isn’t an immediate sense of trust.

4. Master copywriting principles or hire a professional copywriter

It’s essential to write compelling copy throughout your entire website. Design is only half the battle. You also need to keep your reader engaged with high-quality copy, motivating them to keep reading and eventually contact your financial services company.

Some key copywriting tips include:

1. Write more about them and less about you

2. Focus on the bottom-line benefits that the user will receive. Don’t be generic. Get specific about how your financial services company will improve their life.

3. Avoid jargon and simplify your copy. Write as if you were speaking to a friend. Be approachable and make your copy easy to understand.

4. Keep it short and to the point. Avoid long paragraphs and use spacing or design elements to break up the copy and make it more digestible.

5. Invest in a professional copywriter if your budget allows.

5. Get ranked on Google and embrace various digital marketing channels

Your website is useless if nobody visits it.

Sure, you’ll get referrals and those people will check your website for some quality assurance. But if you want to grow your business at a faster rate, it’s essential to invest in various marketing channels such as SEO, paid advertising, social media, and more.

At Azuro Digital, we provide trusted SEO services and have a network of agencies that we refer our clients to if they’re seeking other forms of marketing, such as paid ads, social media marketing, etc.

Here are the key steps in our SEO process for financial services companies:

1. Keyword research (relevance, user intent, traffic volume, competition levels)

2. Competitor analysis (establish key indicators and benchmarks)

3. On-page optimization (page types, content writing, keyword placement, keyword frequency, keyword synonyms, word count)

4. Search Engine Results Page Optimization (page titles, meta descriptions, schema markup)

5. Technical optimization (site speed, HTML tags, link optimization, redirects, ALT text, site architecture, mobile optimization, Google Search Console)

6. Google Business Profile optimization (local SEO and Google maps)

7. Ongoing content creation

8. Backlink generation

By following the above steps, you’ll set yourself up for success on Google and will drive more organic traffic through SEO.